A couple of years ago we were looking on eBay and came across an old metal gnome mould. The seller said it had come from England in the 1950s but we don’t know how old it was before then. The only other mould we’ve seen like it features in the book ‘Garden Gnomes A History’ and lives in the Museum of Garden History in London.
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We cleaned up the mould and started experimenting with making a gnome. Unlike our other latex moulds, there is no easy way to get the gnome out and our yard is littered with the corpses of gnomes who didn’t survive the initial experiments. Eventually we got the knack of casting and removing the finished gnome. It is a fiddly process but we’re refining it each time we make another one.
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After several weeks of curing, the gnome is hand-painted. We have tried to reproduce the look of an old gnome by using muted, darker colours, crackle medium and a bit of faux dirt and scuffing. The result is what looks like a well looked-after antique.

Vintage Gnome has no base so it needs to be propped-up in a place where it won’t fall or be knocked over.

Vintage Gnome makes a unique gift for your favourite gardener, but you need to allow around 6 weeks if we start from scratch.
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If you are interested in purchasing a Vintage Gnome (Australia only), the price will be $110 plus delivery.
Any time we have ready-made stock it will be
in our Shop, otherwise please email us to order.